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The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a nationwide, non-profit organization that has dedicated itself to the mission "Veterans Helping Veterans". You can prepare any man to go off to war. But, how do you prepare for life after war? It is when our heroes return home that their biggest battles begin. Sadly, far too many of them are struggling to fight and win those battles every day. Through fund raisers, awareness programs and various support systems, we provide assistance to veterans in need of whatever we can from food, clothing, financial aid in hard times and information on various VA sponsored programs available to them and sometimes, just a shoulder to cry on when their hearts are heavy with the bourdons of their sacrifices for our freedom.

As winter approaches, 100"s of homeless veteran"s in the DFW area find themselves in need of a hand UP. When called upon, VRC partnered with the CVMA - Ft Worth Chapter 23-6 - to collect much needed clothing, as well as made a very generous monetary donations. Taking part in the 8th annual Veterans Stand Down event on November 8th, 2016, which was sponsored by the North TX VA, VRC and members of the CVMA were able to help provide countless veterans with much needed clothing, medical exams, vaccinations, career program assistance and even fresh haircuts! By partnering with VRC, this event was a tremendous success and there are a number of our warriors in the DFW area who are thankful that they are not forgotten!

On behalf of the CVMA Ft Worth Chapter 23-6, thank you for giving back and helping our heroes in their time of need!

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