Medical Canvassing

Canvassing is a valuable, cost-effective tool for uncovering the facts

Searches reveal preexisting injuries or even a history of suspicious claims. Know the facts about your claimant’s activities and circumstances.

Our canvassing services bring certainty to your claims and can be conducted anywhere in the U.S.

Targeted Canvassing Services

Find the facts on injuries and health claims

Medical Canvasses

  • Verify treatment and date of injury
  • Assess whether an injury is related to the claim
  • Discover previous treatments for similar injuries
  • Determine if the claimant has a history of prior claims

Pharmacy Canvasses

  • Identify addictions or drug-seeking behavior
  • Determine how medications prescribed by one doctor may interact with medications from another

Specialty Canvasses

  • Substantiate or disprove claims about mobility or other specific health issues
  • Confirm gym and sports memberships
  • Search storage facilities to assist in property loss claims

Your canvass report will include:

  • A detailed breakdown of search findings including facility details and information learned plus a map of areas canvassed.
  • Standard database search results including the subject’s social security number, date of birth, possible aliases and address history.

In compliance with HIPPA regulations, we do not request nor obtain protected records. Our findings are provided so you may determine whether requesting a subpoena to obtain potentially relevant records might be an appropriate course of action for your purposes.

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