Social Media & Background Checks

The average person spends two and a half hours a day on social media

Clues are left behind which might be relevant in assessing your claims.

Critical pre-loss and post-loss details can be found in all kinds of digital and social media activity, uncovering vital details you’d never find in public records or incident reports. The right investigator is trained to uncover it all.

Other investigators rely heavily on web crawler services, but they’re limited

Our licensed investigators are trained in game-changing technologies that go beyond mere web crawlers. Applying specialized techniques and technology, our licensed investigators systematically review an individual’s digital presence, social connections and online behavior, revealing important discrepancies or patterns of behavior.

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Basic Social Media

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Comprehensive Intelligence Report (CIR)+

Premium Comprehensive Intelligence Report (CIR)+

Analysis of subject's online activity

Analysis of subject's online activity and background information

Analysis of subject's online activity and comprehensive background with verified criminal and civil records

Analysis of subject's online activity and a fully comprehensive background with all records verified, claims history search and neighbor phone canvass

Social Media





Residential Imagry*

Vehicle Information*


UCC Filings*


Professional Licenses*

Business Affiliations*

Utility Information


Driver’s License*

Vehicle Records*

Neighborhood  Canvass

ISO Research

* Denotes verified information
+ Medical | Pharmaceutical Canvass can be included with CIR at a discounted rate.
Investigations strictly abide by all applicable privacy laws and compliance regulations.

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Analysis of subject's online activity and comprehensive background with verified criminal and civil records

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