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Our investigators are positioned strategically throughout the U.S. to provide rapid response in all 50 states. The experts assigned to your cases have extensive backgrounds in insurance and investigations and have each completed our rigorous in-house training program. Our work on your claims questions always begins within 24 hours of referral so you get the answers you need when you need them.

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Recorded Statements

Recorded interviews with witnesses and subjects are conducted in-person, via telephone or through our VRC Virtual video statement platform.

AOE/COE | Compensability Investigations

Interviews with the subject, claimant, witnesses, employer and/or others are conducted to provide claim professional with all the facts needed to make the appropriate compensability determination on the claim. Conducted in-person or virtual.

Accident / Job Site

Scene Investigation | Site Inspection:  Expert investigators conduct interviews with persons having knowledge of an incident and obtain photos / videography and/or diagram the scene including securing photos and information about all relevant issues including vehicles, machinery and/or securing in-house surveillance video.

Property Loss

Investigations are conducted into loss or damage from fire, theft, vandalism or natural causes to auto, residential and commercial property.


Investigations seek to determine possible third-party compensability.

Field Investigation | Litigation Support

Specialized investigations conducted for all lines of insurance including recorded statements (in-person, video and telephone), locates, witness interviews, due diligence, Crime Grid search, dependency check, residency check, ancillary research and other litigation support services.

Public Records Check

Many cases rely on public records and database information for claim management and to assist with a deposition or trial. Records checks are conducted at every applicable jurisdictional level from local to federal. Searches often reveal critical information including a subject’s relevant driving history, civil cases, criminal history, assets, bankruptcies or prior claims.

Clinic Inspections

Inspections aim to obtain activity information for a particular clinic. Thorough investigation including on-site observation yields valuable information about practicing doctors and nurses, on-site equipment (makes, models and serial numbers) and pertinent records such as licenses, sign-in logs, appointment logs, patient history, treatment records and diagnostic records.

VRC Virtual

Verified, Secured and HIPPA Compliant

Partner with the experts in virtual investigation and claim assistance. Take advantage of our remote services to keep travel costs down, streamline scheduling and eliminate environmental risk.

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  • Recorded Interviews
  • Claimant, Insured, Witness
  • 3-point Contact
  • Short-term Disability
  • Wellness Checks
  • Compensability Investigation
  • Litigation Support

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