Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

Customized SIU and Cost-Mitigation Solutions

As a national leader in claim defense investigation, fraud abatement and regulatory compliance, VRC has been innovating advanced SIU solutions for 25 years. Our nationwide insurance defense investigations help you resolve suspicious claims and together ensure a successful, results-driven partnership.

When you choose VRC as your SIU partner, you enjoy the benefits of a program completely tailored to your needs and engineered to satisfy precise regulatory compliance. You may need to completely outsource a full-scale SIU operation. Or maybe an arrangement for certain tactical selections from our broad array of SIU services is a better fit for you. Whatever your need, we will listen and work with you to create a customized plan resulting in maximum efficiency for you and your bottom line.

We maintain strategic positioning throughout the U.S. so we’re always prepared for rapid response in all 50 states. Our SIU specialists apply their experience, expertise and vast resources to bring you timely results that reflect relevant facts with conclusive accuracy.

Access a suite of SIU services customized to fit your claim defense needs

VRC can plug in and support a variety of program configurations and claim management strategies. Our suite of comprehensive SIU services includes: 

Insurance Defense Investigations

Disability Management Interview – Customized recorded statement meets specific objectives and provides answers to relevant questions into subject’s level of activity, disability, employment status, medical history and more.

Medical Provider Evidence Presentation – Investigator presents evidence to medical provider and discusses specific objectives to be addressed in supplemental medical report.

Deposition Strategy – SIU review of investigative evidence and/or prior medical records with creation of specific questions to be asked during deposition to leverage evidence and identify any unwarranted benefits or potential fraud.

SIU Services

Evidence analysis, case strategy, law enforcement coordination, documented referral, presentation to prosecutors or fraud bureaus, restitution calculation and court testimony.

Complex SIU Investigations

Our experts conduct investigations into suspicious claims including provider fraud, premium fraud, clinic inspections and other complex matters.

State Fraud Referrals

Suspected Fraud Referral completed and filed with appropriate law enforcement agencies per state regulations.

Law Enforcement Coordination

Expert communication and coordination with law enforcement that achieves both superior results and provides a compliant program.

Fraud Training, Continuing Education and Tools

Fraud Regulatory Compliance and CEU

Vendor Management Program

Claims Assistance Services

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