Employer recognition is an integral part of TVC’s ongoing appreciation for businesses in the community who show an outstanding commitment to employing veterans. By shining a spotlight on deserving employers, TVC cements and expands these relationships and creates long-term productive partnerships. Additionally, these awards can result in improved employer-customer relations spread through word of mouth and on social media sites, increasing the employer’s clientele.

VRC Investigations accepting the Texas Veterans Commission 2017 Large Employer Award
at their headquarters in Denton,TX.
A closer look as VRC Investigations CEO, Marcus Doyle, accepts the award with co-founder and President, Lance Foster, at his side.

Winners are nominated by TVC’s Veteran Employer Liaisons (VELs) and nominees must meet several criteria to be eligible to win, including having at least 10 percent of their workforce. Winners are then judged and selected by the Veterans Employment and Training Advisory Committee.

VRC Investigations is committed to enhancing the lives of our veterans, their families, and our country.

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