The IASIU is holding their 2020 Seminar & Expo September 13-16 in Dallas,TX.

Dalene Bartholomew, VP at VRC Investigations continues her tour spreading “The Truth About Lying” with co-presenter Janelle F. Crandell, Deputy District Attorney, Lead Insurance Fraud Prosecutor with District Attorneys’ Office in Amador County.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

This dynamic session will provide an inside look into lies people tell to try and steal workers’ comp benefits and how they are caught.

  • Learn the latest WC fraud schemes and which lies are the most common, on the rise, trending and some that are hilarious.
  • Get an inside look at WC fraud by a Lead Prosecutor and an SIU expert as they share their true stories of liars who were prosecuted.

This high-energy, multi-media presentation provides claim professionals with insights they can utilize immediately to successfully identify lies, combat abuse and prosecute fraud.

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